queensland racist senator
Christchurch terrorist attack now made worse with Queensland Senator racist remark on Muslims

We were genuinely sad to hear about the shootings that took place at Christchurch, New Zealand today. It was a tragedy that more than 40 people were killed and that their deaths were a deranged attempt for what ever cause that the perpetrator holds.

One thing was clear, the terrorist were hoping to create worldwide anger by purposely videotaping the shootings and uploading it LIVE via Facebook. The videos are being shared in Whatsapp groups and certain social platforms (before being deactivated or taken down) and many would, by seeing it, be angered at the terrorist’s ease of taking people’s lives.

Now, a Senator from Queensland have made things even more complicated while Muslims all around the world are trying to make sense of the senseless killings, by making racist remarks on Muslims migrants in the country but also on the religion and the founder of the religion itself.

This statement is getting condemned by everyone.

Let’s just pray that more sober, cool heads enter the fracas and simmer things down.