laksa hartamas
Laksa Grumpy Water Hartamas

From the Facebook Page of The Grumpy Waiter

After 20 years in the F&B business serving up Lebanese cuisine, Shereene Kung Abdullah discovered a desire for good Asian fare. Combined with a husband who only loves home cooked Asian meals, a quick search for old family recipes was made to feed a fussy stomach and a grumpy hungry man. Every ingredient has to be of the highest freshest quality and the flavors had to be right!

The aromatics soon drew in family and friends, all seeking her home cooked recipes, some even had the gall to request to tapau! (take-away). The Grumpy Waiter is a showcase of not just her incredible talent and flare in the kitchen but also a forgotten experience in F&B, a neighborhood kind of place where everybody treats you as family, where laughter and smiles permeate the scene, waft with incredible aromas, where jokes and warmth lingers on long after the food has disappeared off the plates.

Welcome and say Hi! to Grumpy!

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