Iris Yeoh social media malaysia
Iris Yeoh social media malaysia

Iris Yeoh is not your typical run of the mill influencer that indulges in reckless wildlife selfies while trying to reach out to spirit animals to be part of the “tribe”, she is nowhere near that. Being an influencer is something she enjoy doing as she is a natural extrovert that loves meeting people. It comes naturally for her and more importantly being an influencer also helps her to achieve her short and long term financial goals and she is very determined to achieve what she had set out to do.

But she admits that at times, she just want to stay alone at home. It’s never comfortable to be around many people all the time and the negative energy from others might rub off, so Iris tries to balance life between both worlds, the social media world and more importantly, her own world.

Iris graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance from Staffordshire University after 4 torturous years of blood, sweat and tears and she is currently holding the role of Wealth Manager at Affin Hwang Asset Management. It wasn’t an easy road for her but she did it. She had to balance her studies while doing roadshows, photo shoot and freelance jobs in order to make a living.

Iris has more 10.3k Instagram (@irisyeoh) followers and around 1.2k from her Facebook page ( She also has a blog at

Based in Penang, Iris loves to travel and she’s no stranger to the popular holiday spots in the region such as Phuket, Hong Kong and the latest top holiday spot for the millenials, Korea. We have not enquired whether she is a Kpop fan but she clearly looks like one of the celebrities!

She can speak and write fluent Chinese and this helps to get many jobs that involves brands targeting young Chinese female market, one of the most sought after customer segment by marketers. Iris loves beauty and wellness, something very important for influencers these days and coincidentally, all females. But besides that, she also loves badminton and Dato Lee Chong Wei is her idol. She like to work out and keep herself healthy and her idol provides her the inspiration to keep on going ahead, no matter what challenges lie ahead.

She’s looking forward to continue her career as a Wealth Management Advisor and an influencer as she enjoys doing both which allows her to reach her life aspirations. We at Social Media Malaysia wishes her the best in her future endeavors and thank you being featured in our Influencer Of The Week.