I have heard of this place before this but never got the time to really travel to Jalan Doraisamy, the road where Limapulo is located, at daytime and try the food here. Lima Pulo is not a new name and it also became famous partly due to the owner, Alan Yun, an actor and a model who recently tied the knot early this year. But Lima Pulo has its own strength of food, ambiance, stories, and reviews that made the eccentric but catchy named nyonya restaurant tops in the list of Kuala Lumpur must go must-try places.

In 2015, Limapulo won the Best Curry Laksa in Star People’s Food Award
Image result for limapulo menu
Menu at Lima Pulo from TripAdvisor that I used as a reference before heading there

Admittedly, I am late to the scene, arriving in Lima Pulo 5 years after it had opened. Other shops around the area have changed owners and some lots have changed businesses more than twice. Yes, the historic row of colonial style houses along Jalan Doraisamy have transformed many many times. Yet, so far Lima Pulo stood strong and stood tall while her neighbors came and go.

Part of it I think is due to the affordable pricing that Lima Pulo set. Comparatively to other places in the area, Lima Pulo’s menu is something not too pricy and though it’s not at stall level cheap, it is affordable.

This is madness. The Laksa is madness sedap

From outside it seems ordinary, even a bit less pompous than its neighbours (Mojo, Slate) along the Asian Heritage row. Open the door and you enter a whole new world. The decor is outstanding in terms of arrangement and choice yet humble to not let anyone feel out of place. It seems natural yet perfectly thought out. I could not pin point any single item that stands out but rather its the whole collection of things put together that is pleasing to the eyes.

Lunch is always full of office people from all over KL trying the place out
The place is almost always full. Choose the right time to come. Dinner seems to be a better option when its less packed.

And the service. They have great service and none of the arrogance of a famous place visited by celebrities and the likes. The uncle was smiling at the counter and a guy came twice to check if everything is okay although the place is jam packed. This is the clincher. Malaysia is so devoid of places with good service that if an eatery provides good service, it is marked in Malaysian’s minds for a long long time and even if the place lacks in other things, people would still go because of the service.

Maya Angelou — ‘At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.’

food at lima pulo
curry chicken at Lima Pulo

I tried the curry laksa and it was one of the best laksa I have ever had! This Baba Can Cook! Not only cook but make those who came to the place feel a tint of baba and nyonya life. It’s almost as if a Chinese looking aunty would pop out and deliver verses of pantun in the most Malay of pronunciation. And the curry chicken was almost perfect I wanted to steal the recipe and do a spin-off, enam pulo tiga perpuluhan duo.

Well, I hope it stays on this way and remain the same. I would love to come again another time.

Note: This review was carried out much before Ramadan and no syariah laws were broken in the course of writing this review.