Giselle Liew
Giselle Liew : social media influencer

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That girl next door kind of face

When I got in touch with Giselle Lew, the first thing I thought in my head was Gisele Bundchen. Yes, the Brazilian model and actress with a ergonomic body is definitely something that people remembers well and I am sure this Giselle would climb the influencer ranking due to her easy and already famous first name.

Giselle hails from Melaka where she studied Pay Fong High School and then when she moved to Kuala Lumpur, she studied in Tsun Jin High School at Cheras. She then graduated from UTAR college. She was a teacher and enjoys being around children. One of her favourite quote is ” 选你所爱 爱你所选 ” or translated into English : Choose what you love and love what you choose. Deep.

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing.Giselle Liew
Look at those cute girls with Giselle. that Naughty one with the peace sign also! LOL!

In her spare time, Giselle does modelling work, talent, brand ambassadors and many other jobs that chase her because of her unique features. Her slim body and her sharp facial features make her a natural model to pose in multiple settings.

She has 10.2k followers on her Instagram (@giselle_lew) and she has done work with reputable companies such as A.H.C Soother hydra face mask, Zephyrine, WHITE-T’ and many others.

Giselle is like a chameleon who can transform from girl next door to a sexy model in no time

And she also has a twin! Wow. I am guessing she’s the one in grey jeans. Well, we are going to feature her next!

Giselle is an active gym member and she loves cycling and hiking. Well, that kind of explains the almost 0% body fat! Her taste in music is mostly EDM, such as The Chainsmokers yet she also lists Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga as her favourites. Her favourite actress/model is Gal Gadot and in some of her photos, I think her poses replicate hers. She loves The Rock Dwane Johnson and David Beckham. I am not sure which football clubs she supports though.

Giselle is also proud of her heritage and she champions the Chinese language. She takes an active role to ensure that her Chinese culture and traditions are well preserved by educating people and practising it at the same time.

Giselle Lew - social media influencer and model.

Though she loves being under the spotlight, Giselle treasures her privacy and doesn’t share much of the personal stuff in her social media accounts. We can only look forward to feature her again one day when she’s rich and famous


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