wan salmizan honda
Honda Wan

In today’s age of technology, businesses face many challenges and stiff competition, but there is room for creative entrepreneurs and business people to use the available technology to achieve their objectives. Wan Salmizan or Honda Wan as he known through his Facebook page have been selling Honda cars and communicating to his customers via social media, mainly through his Facebook Page which now has close to 3 thousand Facebook Likes.

wan salmizan honda
Honda Wan

“The idea to sell cars using Facebook was introduced to me by my old friend who grew up with me. He told me that to reach people using Facebook page is cheap and that was 5 years ago.” Salmizan told that the number of Likes is not very important because what matters is those that Like his Facebook page are genuine.

“Many of those who bought their first cars from me, became friends and we communicate through Facebook. They ask questions about maintenance and other issues that they want to know. From continuously supporting my customers, in the long run, they recommend me to other friends. I think it is important to have a continuous relationship with people who bought cars through me. They are not only my customers, but they are also my friends who have supported me.”

Honda Wan with a customer who became a friend

Even using social media, Honda Wan still faces competition from other Honda salesman as well as from salesman from other car companies. Salmizan uses his experience from Proton, where he was one of the top salesmen to get the edge above others.
“Buying a car is not something that is done regularly. Most people buy cars once or twice in their lifetime. Thus, it is very important to convince potential clients that I can provide the best service compared to other salesmen out there and this is the challenging part”

Honda Wan posts pictures of him and clients regularly on his Facebook page. “For most people, the moment they receive the car is a very important and significant time in their life. I show appreciation by keeping that moment on my Facebook page while at the same time sharing with other potential clients of the delivery of the car”

Salmizan, a father of 3 daughters is growing his reputation in the Klang Valley not only for Honda cars but because of his network with car salesman throughout the years, he is able to get the best value for money Honda cars. He can be contacted at https://www.facebook.com/pg/hondawans


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