Face Painting by MAma Ayu
Face Painting by MAma Ayu
Face Painting by Mama Ayu
Children eagerly wait for their turn

Hazyunie, or Mama Ayu as she is affectionately known is a mother of 3 lovely daughters. She has been in the face painting business for 3 years. Initially, she did this to her kids during their birthday parties and eventually she got invited to carry out her face painting for other birthday events. She quit her job as a financial advisor for a foreign bank as demand for face painting was increasing. Wanting to focus and spend more time with her kids, she made the sacrifice to carry on face painting professionally. 

Tough Decision To Quit Day Job

“It was a tough decision but I felt it was the best decision to take because my 3 daughters are the most important to me. I can find money but the time not spent with them is time lost and they grow up so fast!”, said Mama Ayu.

Facepainting by Mama Ayu
Facepainting by Mama Ayu

Not Many Can Do Face Painting

Mama Ayu is one of the few professional face painters in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. She gets jobs not only for children’s birthday parties but also corporate and adult private events. Highly skilled, she is able to draw many versions, from the ghoulish ghosts to cute little cartoon characters.

“The materials I use for face painting is imported and it has to be non-toxic and not harmful to the skin. Some face painters use cheap ones and I have heard cases where children suffer from allergies or rashes because of these cheap paints” quipped Mama Ayu whose husband also thrives in social media business by selling cars.

Face Painting by MAma Ayu
Face Painting by MAma Ayu

Safe Materials for Face Painting

“We used only Hypoallergenic, non-toxic and easy-to-wash products

All our face paints have been reviewed by professional face painter from USA, United Kingdom and Australia. Manufactured using only ingredients fully compliant with EU & US FDA. Face paints are all water-based.”, said Mama Ayu

Easy to get off, simply remove with soap and warm water, there is no need for scrubbing or harsh removers.

Other than face painting, Mama Ayu also provides :
• Sand Art
• Giant Bubbles
• Nail Art
• Glitter Tattoos
• Air Brush
• Glitter Bar

Mama Ayu markets her trade via social media namely Instagram and Facebook page. She can be reached at www.facebook.com/facepaintingbymamaayu or through Instagram at @facepaintingbymamaayu.