Like us on Facebook for great stories daily!Some good things only get better if you have of it — a butt-load of cash, a ton of jewellery and litres of bubble tea!That’s right, litres of bubble tea!Understanding that a measly cup of brown sugar boba may not be enough for the diehard bubble tea fan, The Alley wants to increase their servings by a factor of 10!  The result is a five-litre bubble tea option launched on the 4th of October 2019 as part of their five-litre challenge!Now, what is the five-litre challenge?As part of their promotion, The Alley is offering bubble tea nuts a chance to win another five-litres by completing a series of challenges specified in their Instagram post.To win the additional five-litres, contestants are required to complete a tongue twister in 12 seconds (which will give them 12% discount upon completion), and then share a photo with their discounted five-litre beverage on social media.The winners will then be selected by The Alley and will be rewarded with a free five-litre beverage.Here are pictures from those crazy enough to take up the challenge, courtesy of The Alley.Source: FacebookSource: InstagramIf you want to prove to the world how crazy you are for boba, why not win yourself litres of boba by taking up the challenge today at The Alley?Also read: A Healthier Low Sugar Bubble Tea Is Coming To Malaysia Next Year, And We Can’t Wait!Like us on Facebook for great stories daily!

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