Kitten taking 'unauthorised' nap in policeman's car now in the hands of the law

PETALING JAYA: A kitten which wandered into the engine compartment of a car owned by a policeman to take a nap is now in the hands of the law – after another police officer decided to adopt the stray animal. Inspector Mohd Syukri Abdul Talib, a senior police officer from the Northern Brigade General Operations Forces (PGA) based in Perak, shared his encounter with the furry friend in a post on the Royal Malaysia Police’s official Facebook page on Wednesday (Jan 22). Syukri said he had driven from his home in Bidor, Perak to the police station in Ulu Kinta, Perak, when he heard some mewing from his vehicle. He proceeded to inspect his vehicle and found a kitten trapped in the engine compartment of his blue Proton Suprima. “With the help of some of officers, the kitten was successfully removed from the vehicle and was given some food and a comfortable place to stay.” The post, which featured three photographs, including Syukri carrying the kitten, has since gained over 3,500 likes and has been shared almost 150 times on social media. Netizens congratulated Syukri for his quick and caring action and wishes the best for the kitten. Many social media users offered explanations on why cats tend to sleep in unusual spots. Elle Aishah Stefan said that now that as it was the rainy season, the kitten likely crawled in there looking for a “warm place”. Another user Asra Sha said “The kitten was dreaming of becoming a police officer, that’s why he chose to hide in the car of a police officer!” Syukri has since responded to the comments section with an update on the kitten, saying that the kitten has been named “Suprima” after his car. “Suprima is now under the care of one of the female officers here at the North Brigade,” said Syukri. He said despite wanting to keep the kitten for himself, he could not care for it now but promised to help out in any way possible.

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