Like us on Facebook for great stories daily! Listen to this post:By now, many of you have heard of the Junior chef from a high-class eatery at a grand hotel in Pahang who spits in all his Chinese customers food – even claiming it to be the best part of his job! If you haven’t read that article yet, you can do so here.Since the post went viral, the hotel has made active efforts to investigate the case accordingly and have recently released a statement to the public, announcing their immediate removal of the racist chef from their cooking staff.“On Tuesday, 25th February, we are deeply saddened to learn that one of our employees had posted racial hatred in his social media.”Apparently, this wasn’t the first time the chef made racist remarks towards Chinese people. Authorities found discriminating tweets and posts from the public offender that dated as far back as December last year!He even posted a tweet just yesterday (24th February), saying, “Don’t let Chinese people lead us. They’re all stupid. They all eat pork. Do you want to eat pork?”In the hotel’s statement, it was also said that the chef “admitted that he made a personal and yet defamatory statement on his social media without deep thoughts and rational thinking.”They added that management took the case very seriously and will start enforcing the following procedures to prevent a future case like this from happening again:“The following procedures have been reinforced to avoid such incident: immediate release of employee from employment, recorded misconduct and profile for future employer’s reference-checking, CCTV surveillance and peer support for whistleblowers and strict implementation on Food Safety Standards and Regulations in Malaysia.”He got what was coming for him. Hopefully, this guy learns his lesson. What do you guys think of this? Also read: M’sian Grand Hotel Chef SPITS In Chinese Customers’ Food, Says Its The Best Part Of His JobLike us on Facebook for great stories daily!

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