Messenger Kids

Facebook’s Messenger Kids has been around for awhile. Unfortunately though, it wasn’t something that was widely available. That is, until now, as the social media company announced that it is rolling the app out to 70 countries globally. And Malaysia is among the countries getting it.ADVERTISEMENT
As the name suggests, Messenger Kids is the version of the app for children too young to have their own Facebook account. The highlight here is that parents still have control over who kids interact with through the app. There are also other features like activity monitoring, so parents can see who their kids are chatting with. Parents can also control when their kids can use the app.

For the kids, the draw lies with the appropriately kid-friendly theme. Messenger Kids comes with filters, stickers games that are friendly to those who fall within that age category. Children can also chat with relatives and older friends who have their own Facebook accounts. They will be using the standard Messenger app instead.
Facebook says the app will be able to download Messenger kids from the Apple App Store. But at the time of writing, the app doesn’t seem to have gone live just yet. As for Android devices, the company says it will be available in the Google Play Store by the end of the week. For now, parents that are interested can take a look at its dedicated webpage for more information.
(Source: Facebook)

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