Like us on Facebook for great stories daily! Listen to this post:When it comes to our front-liners, there’s nothing that they wouldn’t do for us. As we embrace the new normal in celebrating Hari Raya which is honestly not as joyous, our front-liners have decided to cheer everyone up a little bit. The police and army have joined forces in producing an upbeat music video to uplift everyone’s mood during this festive season.A music video titled Syawal Yang Biru (A Blue Syawal) produced by them have been released on social media and it features a catchy beat that makes you want to dance! From the video, you can witness our heroes, in their respective uniforms; singing, dancing and playing their musical instruments while carrying a message; telling everyone to make sure that their sacrifices before this will not be in vain. The video also reminded everyone to practice social distancing strictly. The lyrics of the song states,“A blue Syawal will now be celebrated, make sure there are no pressing palms or touching, for me, for you, we are one, we take care of each other, we take care of all, success is guaranteed, salute!”Watch the full video here:As if what they have done for the rakyat is not already enough, they came up with something like this so that we can cope better with the current situation. Bagus lah our front-liners! With that being said, please adhere to all the SOPs this festive season as well as practice social distancing. It is our responsibility together! Also read: “Do Not Let Their Hard Work Be In Vain”: Ismail Sabri On Appreciating Frontliners by Following SOP Like us on Facebook for great stories daily!

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