Man blackmailed for RM13k after sending “self-gratification” video to a seductive woman

GEORGE TOWN: A 25-year-old factory worker is believed to be the first person in Malaysia to be extorted online. The man had unknowingly recorded himself masturbating on a live video feed. The video was subsequently used to extort RM13,000 from him. At about 3pm last Saturday, the man received a Line video call from a woman, who was described as “seductive”, while he was at home in Bayan Baru. The victim agreed to a request from the woman to engage in the act without realising it was being recorded. Later the victim received a notification via WhatsApp from an untraceable number. The caller threatened to post the lewd video on social media unless the victim paid her RM13,000. Fearing the prospect of the video going viral, he paid the sum through an online banking transaction. Southwest district police chief Supt V. Anbalagan said the victim then lodged a police report. He urged members of the public to be wary of suspicious calls and text messages. In another development, the principal of a Chinese vernacular school found the body of one of his teachers in the deceased’s car. The principal had earlier called the mother of the 43-year-old teacher to inquire why he had not turned up for work. The mother told him that her son had left for the school as usual at 6.30am. The principal then went to the teacher’s house, but found his car parked near Paya Terubong. As he approached the car, he was shocked to see the teacher motionless in the vehicle, with the doors locked. He called for an ambulance after failing to get a response from the teacher. Medical personnel managed to gain entry into the car, but attempts to resuscitate the teacher were unsuccessful. Northeast district police chief ACP Soffian Santong said the teacher had no prior medical conditions although his mother said he had been unwell for the past month and had bought some medication from a pharmacy. The case has been classified as sudden death pending a detailed investigation.

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