Stop asking when hudud will be implemented, Kelantan PAS delegate tells party members

PETALING JAYA: A Kelantan PAS delegate has called upon members to stop asking when the Islamist party would implement hudud now that the party was part of the ruling Perikatan Nasional government. Don’t ask when hudud will be implemented, said Kelantan delegate Datuk Hassan Mahmood. “Ask what needs to be done now,” he said when debating the president’s policy speech during the 66th Muktamar on Sunday (Sept 13). Likening the government to the guardian of the fence, Hassan said the fence must be strengthened first. He said it was important to stabilise the fence first in order to strengthen the fort. “We need to strengthen the government first,” Hassan said. He also said some had expressed disappointment against PAS’ decision not to contest any seats in Sabah. “In Islam, we are allowed to air our differences, but we should not let it divide us,” he said. Meanwhile, Sabah delegate Dr Aliakbar Gulasan said the party had decided not to contest in the state polls after taking into consideration local sentiments. “But there are some peninsula-based parties that dared not use their own logos. “They use local party logos to fool us. They are what we call chameleons. Sabahans should be wary of those who are out to spread their extremist views,” he said. Sarawak delegate Morshidi Harun, who participated in the debate via online, claimed “parasites” were trying to influence the grassroots against party leadership. “It is important for us to remain united,” he said. Sidang Asabiqun (veteran bureau) secretary Mohd Nor Mohamad described critics within the party as “virus”. “We shouldn’t let the viruses infest too long. “Our previous rivals within have all left to join PAN (Parti Amanah Negara),” he said. Melaka delegate Asri Shaik Abdul Aziz called upon internal critics to stop questioning decisions made by leaders at state and national levels. “Only the weak will harp on faults,” he said. Selangor PAS deputy chief Shafie Ngah meanwhile called upon grassroots members to forge good ties with non-Muslims. “Not many have seriously forged ties with non-Muslims and non-Malays,” he said. Although PAS had barred delegates from Perlis and Kedah from attending the Muktamar in Kelantan in view of the Covid-19 threat, an online platform was provided for them to participate in the debate session. Kedah delegate Nurul Amin Hamid said the state was like a mini Malaysia because of its multiracial composition. “It is a good platform for PAS to show it can be fair to all races,” he said. PAS Youth information chief Khairul Nadzir Helmi Azhar said they are using social media to reach out to a wider segment of the society. “We uploaded on TikTok a video clip of our party president (Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang) opening the Youth wing Muktamar. “Within 24 hours, it attracted 35,000 views,” he said, adding they have attracted positive comments from social media users.

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